Sunday, October 02, 2011

Back home!

As we are still going through jet lag, I thought that I would just post some pictures for now and reflect later. I, however, will say this... Talia is an amazing little girl, she is a bit of a bruit, and easily the biggest babies of the nine that came from her orphanage. Talia is a, go with the flow kinda gal, which is perfect for us as we are also a go with the flow kind of family.
China in itself was..... different..... don't get me wrong, I LOVE China for it's history and strong culture and "roots" and everywhere we went, it showed strong and proud, in the people that we met along the way. Someday we will go back with Talia so that hopefully she can get a sense of what we felt ourselves on this trip.
So without further ado... some random pics of our trip.


Catherine said...

Welcome home! Talia is absolutely beautiful!

Congratulations on your new baby girl!

Kris said...

Beautiful baby! Congratulations to your family, I am so happy you had a safe journey!

Janet said...

So glad you are home with your sweet Talia! Congratulations!!!!