Sunday, September 04, 2011

12 more days...

and only 14 until Talia is in our arms! I guess time has flown and the countdown has begun!! We are sooooo ready... kind of.... well not really... will we ever be really ready? I have just four work days left, and trying to get through all I have to do before leave will be challenging but I am sure it will all get done.

I am a little anxious about getting our passports back... we relinquished them to our agency back in July and do not have them back yet. We are supposed to receive them this Tuesday along with the last bits of information for the trip. Wowza!! I have found the last two weeks have sort of dragged on, but I have a feeling the next two will go super fast!

My niece is going to be staying with us as she goes to University. It is interesting because she is basically leaving all that she knows and is moving 8 hours away from home. She is an amazing young lady, and I am so happy for her as she is embarking on her dream of becoming a speech pathologist. She has a super kind heart, the patience of a saint and super smart. She is going to make a fabulous speech path!

I will try to post just before we leave, and if I can, will be posting while in China... As always, I can't have a post with at least one picture...

We are coming for you soon my love! We can not wait to hold you in our arms!


templehome said...

I remember the feeling of counting down the day! Congrats to you and your family--Sheila Temple mother of four chinese adoptees now 19,16,13, and 12!

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting this is. The packing and repacking. Thinking of things you may need and won't be able to get in China. I of course brought everything. Was very pleased with my packing. But of course I had 5 years to prepare! Still waiting for 2nd child from China. I am so ready! LID 7-31-06
I look forward to following you to your little girl. Have a safe a wonderful trip. My first trip was in March of this year. One I will remember the rest of my life. Look forward to your writings and photos!
Thanks for sharing,

Two Kayaks said...

Congratulations on the referral of your beautiful daughter, Talia! She is incredibly sweet!
Our LID for China was August 14, 2006, but we are no longer in the process.
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I love when new people come out to say hi. :)

Juliette said...

So excited for you! Talia is just so perfect! I can't wait to meet with her.
Free free to call if you have last minutes questions about the trip.
And enjoy every minutes of it!